Get ready for the new Idabelle Aylor book…She Let Herself Go.

Niece is a woman who doesn’t know she’s in a bad marriage until the day her husband leaves her a note telling her he’s leaving. After a short period of mourning the life she thought she had, Niece takes off to discover the life she was meant to have and maybe find her true self along the way through many adventures and with the help of some unique new friends.

Max is a man of faith. But that’s not to say his faith hasn’t been shaken. But, as he’s minding his own business, living his own life, happy in his career choice, in bounds a crazy lady who’s full of spunk, attitude, adventure, and broken dreams. One of those dreams being a good Christian woman.

Will Niece find herself on her journey to self-discovery? Will she find the faith that she questions? Will Max complete her journey?